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Looking Backwards and Forwards

Posted by Granger Wilson on

 Looking Backwards and Forwards

It’s hard to believe it’s already February.

Here at Deadloc Racing, we’ve spent the last month reflecting on 2017, the good, the bad, and sometimes, the ugly of it.  2017 was our first full year in business, and it taught us a lot that we’ll use to get even better for you in 2018. 

Let’s start with the good.

In 2017, our primary focus was on innovation.  We delivered on that by being the first to market with several new products including underdrive for SCX 10ii, replacement gears for SCX 10ii, and torque neutral transmission systems.  We also helped bring the heaviest one piece brass knuckles on the market. 

We were also focused on supporting the hobby, and we demonstrated this by continuing to sponsor events – including Crawl for the Cure, Feeling Frosty, Crawl-a-Palooza, ASD Awareness Ans several other small events– and by increasing our number of team drivers. 

Lastly, our focuses on Customer Service and Shipping were apparent in the awesome feedback we received from you.  The engagement from you was so great, that we offered some products based solely on your requests.  This was part of the reason our product line increased so much during the year. 

But, it wasn’t always good.  Sometimes 2017 was bad.

Occasionally innovation didn’t always go the way it was planned.  In fact, several new products failed in testing and never made it out the door to you.    This was a disappointment as it wasted both valuable time and resources. 

And one thing in particular was ugly in 2017.  Our product availability.

We created this brand to bring unique, high quality, and innovative upgrade parts to the market, hoping that our customers would appreciate them as much as we did.   And the response from you has been simply overwhelming.  For all of the support you’ve shown, we simply can’t thank you enough.   Unfortunately, it also caught us off-guard, and as a result, we weren’t always prepared with enough supply to meet the demand. 

So where do we go from here in 2018?

First, we’re pleased to say that we’re working hard to increase our product availability.  You should be seeing your favorites return to stock in the days and weeks to come.  We’re also working on some awesome innovations that we’re hoping will survive our testing standards.  Part of what will pave the way for this to happen is an increase in our focus on developing our wholesale channels.   Finally, we’re looking at new ways to engage more with you.  So plan to see more videos and tutorials from us as the year progresses.  And throughout this, we vow to continue bringing you high-quality innovative parts, at competitive prices, with amazing customer support, while supporting the crawling community. 

Thank you again for an amazing 2017, and we can’t wait to get even better for you in 2018!!


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  • I bought a set of the 2.2 testament wheels used, and I was very impressed with the quality! Also when I needed replacement bolts for them I emailed you guys and I received an email back within 10 min or faster. That’s unheard of these days and that to me shows dedication to the customer and the products you produce. I haven’t started to compete in events yet but when I do I’ll proudly displayed and represent Deadloc Racing! I’ll definitely be a customer and hopefully one day a team member. Thank you and keep up the good work!

    Jared Ferra on
  • Love your work man, keep it up! Thanks for all the personal attention, hard to find. Looking forward to getting some new parts soon!

    Chris on
  • Thank you for the support and help this year. Looking forward to working with you this year as well. All of our rigs are more dependable now

    Cristian Fischer on

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