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We have liftoff!

Posted by Granger Wilson on

After literally months and months of planning, sourcing, designing, sleepless nights, reviewing the details over and over, and driving everyone around us insane - we are finally ready to launch the site.  Houston....we have liftoff!!

We hope you like what you see!  We've worked hard to bring you a great blend of quality and value, along with badass style.  Even more, we hope you'll love our customer service and how our gear performs when paired with your rig. 

But we are just getting started and this is only the beginning of the awesome-ness DEADLOC is working to bring your way.  In the weeks and months ahead we'll be launching even more promotions and giveways, expanding our product lines and catalog, starting wholesale distribution, sponsoring drivers and events, and much, much more.

For now, enjoy free shipping during launch weekend, from Saturday 7/9/16 through Monday 7/11/16 on any size order, and don't forget to visit our Facebook page and find the post to be entered to win a killer set of wheels.  

Until next time, crawl on DEADLOC Nation!

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