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Redcat Gen 8 Contender


  • $89.99

The Gen 8 Contender over drive / under drive system. With the use of the this system you will achieve an overdrive rate of 30% to the front wheels of your Gen 8 RC crawler. But also be able to return to a normal 1:1 ratio when over drive is not wanted or needed. For example running for extended periods of time on flat surfaces.  

Benfits of overdrive

  • When using overdrive you will have an improved steering radius
  • The crawler will be more stable when turning
  • When climbing obstacles the front will pull you over without the front being lifted as much do to the rear being pulled instead of pushing at the same rate as the front.

What’s included

  • High clearance delrin/acetal skid
  • Over/under Transfer case prebuilt and greased with HD steel helical cut gears
  • Link risers and spacers for the skid
  • Spacers for links if needed
  • Hardware to attach lower links
  • Replacement battery tray that will mount to stock location and new T case

Made In the USA